CoWordle Guide: How to Play and Win


A CoWordle is a popular game where you have to guess a word using several attempts to find out what letters it contains. Compete with your friends and find out who is the smartest among you!

How to play CoWordle

1. The task of the game is to guess the hidden word. First, you need to enter a word consisting of the selected number of letters in the first line. Please note that this must be a real word.

2. After entering the word, press the Enter button on the virtual keyboard. Now pay attention to the color with which the letters are highlighted.

3. If the letter is not highlighted in color and remains gray, then there is no such letter in the hidden word. If the letter is highlighted in yellow, then such a letter is in the hidden word, but it is in another cell. If the letter is highlighted in green, then the letter is in the hidden word in this cell.

4. Please note that letters in a word can be repeated, i.e. if a letter is highlighted in yellow or green, it can appear in the word either once or more than once.

5. Now type the next word on the second line and press Enter. When doing this, consider the information about the letters and their location obtained in the first round.

6. Keep typing words in the following lines until you guess the hidden word. After completion, share the game and the result with your friends. And most importantly – you can play an unlimited number of times.

What kind of game is this

Wordle was invented by a developer in Brooklyn for his girlfriend. The creator’s last name is Wardle, so the name of the game is kind of a play on words.

At first, the couple played together with Wordle, then the developer showed the game to his relatives and then decided to publish it on the Internet for everyone interested. On the day of release, 90 people played the game, and already about two months later – up to 300 thousand.

Wardle himself believes that the secret of the popularity of the game lies in its simplicity – there is no need to register on the site, there are no ads, just a fun pastime.

A distinctive feature of the original game is that it has a limit – only one game per day. An interesting decision, but not everyone liked it. The game is so addicting that you want to play more and more. And we solved that problem – now it’s infinitely replayable, so you can play an unlimited number of games and guess as many words as you want.

But how do you play Wordle?

Look. Your goal is to find out which word is hidden. By default, it consists of 5 letters, but on our site, you can set the number of letters from 4 to 11. Then there are 6 lines, in each of which you can enter any existing word.

By entering the first word, you are not so much trying to guess the word immediately, but simply the first step in the game, where you can get clues about the word that was guessed. After you enter the first word and press the Enter button, all the letters of your word will turn into one of three colors – gray, yellow, and green.

Depending on the color, you get information about which letters are in the hidden word and which are not there. Everything is quite simple here. Gray letters – not in the hidden word, can be excluded. The letters that will turn yellow – are in the hidden word, but they are in a different place in the word. By the way, there is a possibility that there are several such letters in the word because the letters can be repeated (or not repeated). But the main thing here is that they are not where they are in the word you entered.

And finally green letters. Congratulations, these letters are in the hidden word and are located exactly where they are in your word. Here too it must not be forgotten that these letters may be in the hidden word in other places (or they may not be).

Then enter the next word and the next, getting more and more information about the hidden word. Your task is to get enough information as quickly as possible to guess the hidden word. The fewer words you entered, the fewer attempts you made before you guessed the word, the cooler you are! Both your vocabulary and your ability to think logically are important here. Well, it’s time to give it a try!

I still don’t understand, please explain with an example

So a certain 5-letter word is guessed. Let’s try to enter the first 5-letter English word that comes to mind. The word BREAD came to me and I will type it.

After typing in the word bread, I hit the enter button. Two letters in my word were highlighted in yellow. This means there are letters R and E in the hidden word. But they are in other places. But the letters B, A and D are missing from the desired word. Well, let’s type another random word in the second line and press Enter.

The second word I entered was COURT. Here, suddenly, 4 letters were given the color yellow. Now, based on two trials, we know that the desired word contains the letters O, U, R, T, E. But we don’t know in what order they go. But I can’t think of the right word. Well, let’s try a word that contains some of these letters.

That word became SHOULD. And here we have a lot of new useful information. The letters O and U are highlighted in green, which means that in the word we are looking for, they are in these places. So our word starts with OU and also contains the letters R, T, E. I think I know this is the word OUTSIDE! Let’s check.

Bingo! I guessed the word in 4 tries. This is a good result for such a difficult word. Try it for yourself now.

Frequent questions

  • What are the rules of the Wordle game?

The rules of the Wordle game are quite simple. You have to guess the word in 6 tries. To do this, you have to enter different words in turn and get hints. Colored squares serve as clues. A green square means that in the hidden word, the letter is in this place. Yellow square – that such a letter is in the hidden word, but in a different place. Gray square – there is no such letter.

  • What is the best word to start the Wordle game with?

The main recommendation for the first word is to choose a word that contains different letters and the most vowels. Great examples of such words are GOODBYE, AUDIO, or CANOE.

  • What dictionaries are used in the game?

For the English language (US version), I took as a basis the source: A list of letterpress words. This dictionary consisted of approximately 275,000 words. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we regularly update our word list.

  • What does the message Not a valid word mean?

If you see such a message, then the word you entered is not in our dictionary. Most likely, this means that this word either does not exist or does not correspond to the rules of the game. If you do not agree with this, you can write to us about it ( and we will consider the update.

  • You didn’t use the right word. What should i do?

If you feel that a word has entered our dictionary that does not exist in the American English dictionary, then let us know ( about it and we will consider making changes.

  • Can I create my word or create a multi-word tournament?

Of course. Most recently, we added two special modes to our site – Wordle Generator, which allows you to guess your word or choose a random one and share the link to a friend to play together with the same word at the same time. Wordle Tournament mode is also available. You can create a game consisting of several words at once and organize a real Wordle competition.

  • Can I download the app on my mobile or computer?

We currently do not have apps for iPhone (iOS) and Android. However, we plan to release a version for Google Play shortly. As soon as this happens, we will certainly notify our users.

  • What languages ​​is the game available in?

Oh, that’s a very good question and a source of pride for us. Our game is already translated into several languages ​​and uses different dictionaries: American English, British English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Indonesian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Danish. The list will be even bigger soon.

  • Is it possible to choose the length of a word?

Yes, there is such a possibility. You can play mods with word lengths from 4 to 11 letters. To do this, click on the number symbol in the top menu or open the settings if you are using a mobile device.

  • Are there harder versions of the game?

Yes, I foresaw that the standard way might seem too simple to you. In such a case, we have two more difficult Wordle options at once – Hard and Ultra Hard. In these modes, you have to follow the suggestions given in the previous rounds. You will have to sweat!

  • Are there other versions of the game?

We have special versions that completely contradict each other. The first is the children’s version of the game. In the CoWordle for Kids game version, the dictionary contains fewer and simpler words, and 3-letter words are also available. There is also a Lewdle variant – there, on the contrary, dictionaries consist of bad words that are more suitable for adults.

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