Abu Dhabi Implements New Compliance Guidelines for Social Media Influencers

Abu Dhabi Implements New Compliance Guidelines for Social Media Influencers

Abu Dhabi, UAE – June 22, 2024 — Abu Dhabi authorities have announced new compliance guidelines that require all licensed economic establishments to strictly adhere to regulations when engaging with social media influencers. These guidelines, issued by the Department of Economic Development (ADDED), mandate that social media influencers obtain a specific license from ADDED before promoting any services online.

Licensing Requirements and Fees

Under the new order, social media influencers must secure a license from ADDED, with fees structured according to the type of license. Influencers who wish to engage in promotional activities must pay a higher license charge of 5000 dirhams, while those engaging in other types of influencer activities must obtain a license costing 1250 dirhams. This tiered licensing approach aims to differentiate between various levels of influencer engagement and responsibility.

Objectives of the New Guidelines

The primary objective of these measures is to enhance supervision and accountability in the rapidly growing field of influencer marketing within the emirate. By implementing these guidelines, Abu Dhabi seeks to ensure that all promotional activities conducted by influencers are transparent and adhere to the legal standards set by the government.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Starting from July 1, 2024, influencers operating without the required license will face severe penalties of up to 10,000 dirhams. This stringent enforcement demonstrates the government’s commitment to maintaining compliance and upholding the integrity of the influencer marketing industry.

Ensuring Transparency and Integrity

The new program aims to guarantee that influencers participating in marketing campaigns respect the law and maintain honesty and transparency with their followers. By requiring licenses, ADDED hopes to create a more regulated environment where consumers can trust the endorsements and promotions they encounter online.

Abu Dhabi’s proactive stance on regulating social media influencers underscores the importance of responsible marketing practices in today’s digital age. As the influencer economy continues to expand, these measures will play a crucial role in fostering a trustworthy and compliant digital marketing landscape in the emirate.

For more information about the new compliance guidelines and licensing requirements, please visit the Department of Economic Development’s official website.

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