Comprehensive Mopsul Puppy Guide: Breed Profile, Traits, and Care Tips


Welcome to the world of Mopsul, a dog breed that will capture your heart with its liveliness and charm. The mopsul is more than just a dog – it’s a real comedian with an intelligent and dignified attitude. The mopsul personality is unique, and it is loved by people of all ages. Whether old or young, the mopsul enjoys being the center of attention and loves the attention it receives. With its joy and liveliness, this breed will be a faithful and happy companion in your life.

Facts about Mopsul

  • Mopsul is a charming, intelligent, and lively dog ​​with a big personality.
  • It is important to find a breeder who follows the guidelines for breeding and rearing.
  • The mopsul is a brachycephalic breed with special health challenges that the breed club takes seriously.
  • The breed is square and compact with well-developed musculature.
  • The coat is short and easy to care for, and regular grooming is necessary.
  • The mopsul has its country of origin in China but is now best known in England.

Characteristics and temperament

The mopsul radiates friendliness and is known as one of the very best family dogs. This breed has a unique ability to thrive in the company of both babies and toddlers, while at the same time being comfortable with slightly older children.  With an exuberant and fun nature, the mopsul is a dog that really makes its mark. It is impossible not to smile at this breed as it is full of personality in a compact creature. The mopsul seems to enjoy the attention of everyone in the room and is not shy when it comes to ingratiating himself or fooling around to get attention.

Many describe the mopsul as the clown of dog breeds, and it works hard to live up to this description. It loves to play with both children, adults, and other dogs and spreads joy in every situation.  A mopsul has a deep love relationship with its family and requires a lot of attention. Nothing makes it happier than love from those it loves.

The mopsul embraces most things and everyone with rare restraint or skepticism. This includes both humans and animals, especially other dogs of various breeds.  The mopsul has a rather impressive intelligence and is quick to learn new skills. With rewards and positive reinforcement, you can easily learn a new trick. Be prepared that it can be a trickster when it comes to food, but its size means that it rarely reaches the kitchen counter or table. 

Aggressiveness, anxiety and excessive fear are rare traits in mopsul s. Generally speaking, they are happy and positive beings who radiate joy.


The mopsul belongs to brachycephalic breeds, which means it has a short and wide skull and muzzle. This can lead to certain health problems, especially related to the respiratory system. The breed club understands the importance of the breed’s health and works continuously to address these challenges. 

Appearance and weight

The pug is known for its compact and square appearance. The breed is densely built with well-developed musculature and should never appear short-legged or slender. The mopsul has a motto that reads “multum in parvo”, which means “a lot of dog in a small format”, and this is reflected in its appearance and attitude. With an ideal weight of 6.3-8.1 kg and a muscular body, the mopsul is a beauty that stands out.


The mopsul has short and easy-care fur, which requires regular bathing as needed. Fur care is an important part of caring for the mopsul, and it is important to maintain a healthy and clean coat. This will help the mopsul look fantastic and feel comfortable.


The mopsul’s country of origin is China, but it has found its home in England. In the 7th century, a short-haired miniature dog existed in China, known as the Happa dog, which is probably a precursor to the Pug. At the end of the 16th century, there is evidence that the Pug had already arrived in Europe. Over the past few centuries, the breed has been further developed in England and has acquired its current form and characteristics.

Would you like to learn more about buying a  mopsul puppy?

When you are considering getting a puppy, it is always a good idea to contact the breed club. The breed club are expert on the puppy and has valuable knowledge about the breed, breeders, and health aspects.  It is crucial to buy your puppy from a breeder who follows the guidelines for breeding and rearing set by the Norwegian Kennel Club and the Norwegian Pug Club.

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