Severe Weather Alert: Dangerous Thunderstorms Threaten South-Central U.S. on Mother’s Day

Dangerous Thunderstorms Threaten South-Central U.S. on Mother's Day

As families across the south-central United States celebrate Mother’s Day, a looming threat of severe thunderstorms casts a shadow over the festivities. Residents are advised to remain vigilant as darkening skies signal the arrival of potentially hazardous weather conditions.

A warm front is forecasted to lift northward over the southern Plains and Lower Mississippi Valley, coinciding with the eastward movement of a cold front through the Front Range and central High Plains. The convergence of warm, highly humid air sets the stage for the formation of thunderstorms, amplifying the risk of severe weather.

The Storm Prediction Center has issued a Slight Risk alert, indicating a 2 out of 5 probability of severe weather. In response, a Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been issued for parts of east-central Texas, encompassing areas such as Wavo, College Station, and Lufkin.

Two areas are currently under a Slight Risk for severe weather. One spans central Texas, while the other encompasses portions of western Louisiana and adjacent areas of east-central Texas. Cities including Abilene, Houston, Lufkin in Texas, and Alexandria in Louisiana are at risk of encountering damaging winds exceeding 57 mph, golf ball-sized hail, and potential tornado activity.

Additionally, the forecast warns of locally heavy rainfall across these regions, with numerous showers and thunderstorms expected to develop. Flood Watches are in effect for east-central Texas into western Louisiana, with the potential for two to three inches of rainfall within a short duration. Residents in cities like Dallas, Tyler, Waco in Texas, and Shreveport in Louisiana are advised to exercise caution and heed flood safety measures, including the adage, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown!”

WeatherBug remains a vital resource for real-time updates, as weather watches can swiftly escalate into warnings indicating imminent danger. Residents must stay informed and understand the distinction between a watch and a warning. While a watch denotes favorable conditions for severe weather, a warning signals the urgent need for action to mitigate potential damage and safeguard lives. As the saying goes, “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!” Stay safe, stay informed, and prioritize personal safety amidst the unpredictable weather conditions.

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